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Witz & Marbles provides engaging and interactive Social & Emotional Learning products to help kids improve their social skills, set positive goals, manage emotions, make responsible decisions, assist with their career path and champion kindness. The products have been created based on key curriculums across North America. The Social Express is currently being used in over 900 School Districts in U.S. Our products are enjoyed independently by kids from ages 4 to 17 and specifically tailored for remote and in-person learning. Thank you to the School Districts, Teachers, Parents and Caregivers that entrust us to supply their students and kids with an edutaining Social & Emotional Learning curriculum. We will always support you!


I grew up struggling with my parent's divorce and my Mom's Schizophrenia. I didn’t tell my friends. I didn’t tell my teachers. I didn’t know what I was coming home to. It totally consumed me. I had to grow up fast and deal with things that kids shouldn't have to. I love my Mom and admire her strength and perseverance as she has been stable for 12 years. Now as a Dad, I know how important it is to teach my son Jaxson social, emotional and practical life skills. My mission is two-fold; I will infuse social, emotional and career skills within our education system across North America, and I will provide kids with fun products that will keep them engaged while further developing those integral skills. Kristin is one of the original co-founders and we are blessed to have had the opportunity to start this company together.                                                                                                                                                  Jaxson is a 5 year old actor/host superstar. He has a YouTube series titled: 'Feel Good with Jaxson' which helps parents and kids to share their feelings about topics that affect our daily lives. He has been featured on national news in U.S. and Canada. He is passionate about helping children and we hope that our love radiates through our company to your beautiful family.    


Nina is an EMMY AWARD WINNING experienced educator with a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from UCLA, and in-classroom experience having taught grades K through 12. Nina Neulight has worked with the TV Series, Ask the StoryBots, as an Educational Advisor and Consultant. She has contributed to the success and development of products for elementary school students that includes books, songs, videos, television programs, and a computer-based classroom mathematics program with an at home component. During this time, Ask the StoryBots program was awarded a Daytime Emmy Award, for which Nina was also awarded.


Marc created an animated interactive program, The Social Express, that allows users from Pre-K to 12th grade a chance to learn and practice skills needed to help them develop meaningful relationships and successfully navigate our social world. To be used at school or home. In addition, he created Teen Career Path which is the only interactive video game experience to discover a preferred career choice through virtual learning environments. It is tailored for 5th to 12th grade students, and it provides a modern and fun way to explore career paths. Marc is the proud Dad of twins who were the inspiration for The Social Express. 


They’ve been teaching study skills since 1996, and together, they’ve grown SOAR Learning to become an international, best-selling curriculum. They’ve evolved into social-emotional learning (SEL) skills as a natural extension of teaching study skills. Over the past 20+ years, they’ve literally written/published hundreds of articles on SEL topics and created many videos. As educators by vocation, they are dedicated to ensuring that every student learns how to learn. As former classroom teachers, they are dedicated to supporting educators who work tirelessly and give so much of themselves. As parents of two children with ADHD & LD, they are dedicated to providing information and resources to families trying to get proper help for their children with “special needs”.