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Witz & Marbles raises awareness for children’s emotional wellness and attempts to stimulate the conversation about their feelings.  We know that getting a child to talk is difficult, but getting them to share is almost impossible.  We believe that the conversation should be ongoing, families need a safe space to share and children need to feel secure enough to do so.  Witz & Marbles have curated Mindful Activity Kits for Children filled with engaging games, thought provoking story books, sensory toys, activities and more.  We all need a little insight into who we are and how we can live our most fulfilled life.  Let Witz & Marbles help you to start your conversation or keep it moving forward.


I (Kristin) struggled with anxiety for most of my life.  In my first year as an elementary school teacher, there was a day I couldn’t take it anymore because of all the fights, bickering and tears.  Therefore, I stopped teaching the lesson that day.  They looked at me like I was crazy.  I began to share my stories as a child and I asked them to share theirs. The flood gates opened! Divorce, deportation, moving, anxiety, bullying (at home and at school), and lack of self confidence!  No wonder these kids couldn’t focus. I opened up the conversation, gave them a safe place to speak and they took it.                                                                                                                                                  I (Kaaveh) grew up struggling to deal with my mom's diagnosis of schizophrenia.  I didn’t tell my friends. I didn’t tell my teachers.  I didn’t know what I was coming home to. It totally consumed me.  I had to grow up fast and deal with things that kids shouldn't have to. Now as a dad, I know how important it is to talk about mental health, especially with my son, Jaxson.  I have to make sure I keep an open and honest relationship with him.


Nina is an experienced educator with doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from UCLAand in-classroom experience having taught grades through 12. Nina Neulight has worked with the TV Series, Ask the StoryBots, as an Educational Advisor and Consultant. She has contributed to the success and development of educational products for elementary school students that includes books, songs, videos, television programs, and a computer-based classroom mathematics program with an at home component. During this time, Ask the StoryBots program was awarded Daytime Emmy Award, for which Nina was also awarded.  Nina is the highly seasoned writer for our Activity Cards for both age groups.  In addition, she helps us strategically curate the items in the kits.


Our hardworking team that pick and pack your kits, wear a mask and gloves while also regularly cleaning their workspace with a disinfectant spray. The Witz & Marbles box is made from 95% recycled materials. The raw materials used to manufacture its creation are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This box has been designed in such a way for children to up-cycle and re-purpose them as a keepsake or a storage box. To ensure we do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, all of the curated products are sourced from local wholesalers and shipped in bulk from within Canada to our facility based in Toronto, Ontario.



As a Marbles Member (Mini - Ages 4 to 8 / Mighty - Ages 9 to 12), your children will be entitled to some amazing opportunities like: ***Member discounts for some of our featured products ***Member discounts for our live events ***Access to a list of resources for families ***Bypassing the line at our meet-and-greet events ***And more! *Subscribe and opt-in to our member emails. The Membership Card will be affixed to the User Guide's cover page in your child's first kit. We truly hope to show your child that they are not alone and that many of their peers share the same feelings. You and your child will have an all access pass to our inclusive emotional wellness community. LET’S GET ROLLING!

About us

About us